punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sugar, money

Easter candy is coming out. Like a stab in my face. This coming weekend there is a party, too. I have to abstain from cake and soda.

Oh, for a Mountain Dew... a Reeces Peanut Butter Egg...

My biggest fear in all this is my body will go into some kind of shock and start making me heavier. There are no cheap residential scales that go above 325, and since I last clocked in at 344, I can't measure if I am gaining any weight. The problem is since I don't experience the sensation of hunger, and equate "dizziness = eat food," my body has been more dizzy and lethargic so I am eating more without even thinking about it.

Yeah, yeah, I know "cut sugar from your diet you are guaranteed to loose weight." Well folks, last time I did this, I gained about 8 pounds in a month.

In other news, we paid off the Saturn VUE... well, sort of. We paid off the GMAC loan with the equity loan money, which was the plan all along. So once they send us the title, it's all ours. All but one of the credit cards have also been paid off. We're on track financially, but of course, it's the worst season of the year for money (Sept - Mar), so it's anyone's guess if this loan was worth it or not in the long run.

The next big thing is the deck. On Friday, our contractor is going to go over the work that has to be done. The whole deck will have to be ripped out and replaced to be up to code, which was unavoidable because if we didn't get this fixed soon, it would have ripped out on its own, I fear. We're also having a door and gutter replaced. The work should begin next week, weather permitting. Once that's replaced, PAR-TAY! Well, okay, only when the weather improves.

I think I owe taxes this year. Before I left AOL, I cashed out all my stocks that I could, which meant some of them were affected by capital gains, and some of them weren't even taxed at all. I didn't really spend them, however; I estimated the highest tax I would pay, and put that in savings, and haven't touched it since. In theory, the tax that I owe is slightly more than my usual refund, maybe even less.
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