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On Call Diaries: Page 250

I hate auto malls. I hate their father-son team web designers. I also hate customers who set up auto-pagers for every tiny thing that goes wrong in a typical Windows box, sets the polling for every 5 minutes, but sets the paging for every minute.

Yesterday, I help set up anyarm's birthday party. I cleaned the house, dealt with a few pages, and inflated a bunch of balloons. But I had no energy by the time it was over, and I can't say I worked that hard. I was so tired, I was having trouble standing, and finally, at 4:00pm, when everyone went to eat buffalo wings, I decided to stay home and nap. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired, because I had slept well the night before.

I slept until about 8. The party had started at 7, but I couldn't move from my bed. I came out around 8, got tired, and had to keep going back to my room because I thought I was going to pass out. I didn't feel feverish or sick really, just exhausted. I went to be at 11, and watched SNL until about midnight before I fell asleep in my clothes. I was too tired to take them off, but did so when I got up to pee at about 4am. I slept until noon today, and only got up because I was paged.

Sorry, anyarm. :(

I am still tired. I feel like just sitting up takes energy, and I am having trouble fighting depression when I am this weak. At least daylight is increasing and it's been sunny the last two days.

At 4 or 5, the new deck people arrive to have us sign stuff. Miss Utility has been by already to spray paint our yard, and the work on the deck starts Tuesday, weather permitting. The whole process should take only a week or so, they tell us. But we also got a door hanger from Verizon stating they are digging up our front yard this week as well, I guess to install fiber. They have been working up the street since last week, and I am glad they warned me ahead of time because they sure didn't warn the neighbors down the street; one family woke up to find all their rosebushes had been uprooted and tossed aside.
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