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I like To Do Lists. They remind me of a quote about deadlines, "I like deadlines; I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by..." I had to work from home the last two days, and luckily a lot of the work could be done from home, but since I was home, I did a lot work that I had been meaning to get around to, and not one of them was important enough to take up any valuable "at home" time. So let's see what the bottom of my To Do List contained and got finished, shall we?

I had a shitload backlist of CDs to burn into mp3s and put on my music server. I got those done. Now my music server is up to date, and contains 18gb of music, which really isn't much compared to most of you I am sure, but it's not like I want to take up MORE space...

I love the soundtrack to "Labyrinth," BTW. My music collection wasn't done without adding that.

My SETI array is in retrograde. [astrology joke, heh]

I had to fix three computers: Riachu, Mink, and Ryoko.

Riachu also serves as my primary "backup server," which means stuff from my main server gets copied to it through an rsync every night. That part works fine, but it just keeps crashing SETI and not restarting it. I didn't really fix this because I never figured out why SETI was crashing because the power kept going out when the deck workers tripped the circuit breakers for the guest room. Now it's my ONLY Gentoo box running, after Ryoko's hard drive went belly up. I think I'll just have a cron job spawn it.

Mink is the guest rooms "Windows 98" computer for guests to check mail and whatnot, and the last Windows 98 box in the house. Since it was Windows 98 it was crashing repeatedly. I decided to dual-boot it to Kubuntu and run SETI off of THAT, but the second hard drive I had in Mink died. I found a spare 3.2gb hard drive and was pleased Kubuntu only took 1.6gb after install. I still have to install SETI on it, but I'll wait until AFTER the deck guys don't need power tools (in fact, all guest room machines have been shut off for safety).

Ryoko was a sort of Linux staging box and workstation, and used to run Gentoo (on that f*&#! Compaq POS Evo even HP wouldn't take back). The hard drive croaked rather suddenly and refused to work again, and I needed a new hard drive and a distro that used LILO, since the stupid prototype MB confuses GRUB. So Slackware it was. I found an unused 40gb hard drive from an old OpenBSD box, slapped that in, and got Slackware to run... sorta. Xorg is having a LOT of trouble with the "prototype" i845 onboard graphics chip and USB-port-connected-to-PS/2-mouse-over-KVM. It ran fine with Gentoo, but I lost my Xorg.conf when the hard drive went tits-up, and can't remember what I did to get it to work before. But eventually, I'll figure it out...

I also found that the 80GB hard drive that died in the server crash back in '05 is still under warrantee, and I'll get a new one in 6-9 business days. Glad I checked. Thank you, Western Digital. Sadly, the other drives were too old in all the other machines :(

My old Sun parts, two machine's worth, went to the loving home of dr_zrfq and killernurd. Now if I can just get rid of some of the other PII/400s I have, I'll be good to go. I may just toss them, as much as I hate to say it. I may co-ordinate with fuzzy_whuze about taking a lot of my stuff to the dump. I have just collected TOO much stuff in spare parts. I think I have like a dozen 8mb AGP Matrox Video cards, still unopened (model XPlay98, I think). Tons of 10mb 3COM NICs. I think I'll toss all my ISA stuff. I have a lot of spare used RAM, unlabeled and untested, I doubt any stick of it is over a 64mb DIMM.
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