punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sugar rush

So, it's been about two weeks without sugar... sorta. I mean, I have been eating a LOT of oranges and lowfat yogurt to quell my sweet tooth, which has SOME sugar in it (natural and some added in yogurt). And I mean, all foods have a form of sugar at some level, but I have only "cheated" once with refined sugar by accident: I drank iced tea with sugar in it.

I really have to be more careful when I put something in my cart while shopping. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but from time to time, I get something that I was SURE was the right thing, and it turns out not to be. In the case of the iced tea, I believe it was the fact that when I picked up the 12-pack of Lipton Diet Green Tea, I noticed it was missing a bottle. So I picked up another pack. It turns out this pack was not diet, and I didn't realize because the packaging is very close in color. I know a lot of people get something, and then decide against it or whatever, and put stuff back just anywhere. Yes, they are slobs, and this was a very big problem when I ran a book store.

I thing the bottle said they had ginseng or something, I don't recall, but after one, I felt a hell of a lot better. "Yay, diet tea!" I said. Lies. 260 calories, 35 grams of corn syrup. But I still feel better several days later, so it's not so bad of an accident.

The sugar cravings are getting farther apart, and I don't get as angry. My depression is lighter, and my weight gain seems to be negligible. I swear, though, last time I did this, though, it was a lot easier.

I have new medication for the diabetes, but I haven't started taking it because it worries me. I have been measuring my blood sugar off an on, and it's never been over 153. A lot of times it's down to 110 or so. I left a message for the doctor to call me back to discuss this, but either's he's out or he's not getting the message. I am just afraid I'll start taking this and suddenly pass out on the Metro or something.
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