punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Deck Saga - Part 5

We have the frames of the stairs already (beams, posts, and riser), and some of the banister main support posts are now up. The decking seems to have been screwed in, but there is conflict in whether we're allowed to walk on it or not, so we're going to wait. While they asked permission to work on Saturday, on Friday they said they weren't coming on Saturday. Work begins again Monday, and they have Tuesday set as a finish date, weather depending.

So far, everything seems to be good. They ordered a new door for downstairs, but that won't be in for a few weeks. They will also replace the gutters at a later date because they have to replace the whole beam under the roof eaves that holds the gutter on (it's so rotted, apparently you can put your finger through it).
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