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On tutors and mowers

This weekend has been sort of blah. I am fighting off a small (minor, minor) cold, and I am having sugar cravings, and it makes me crabby.

Friday night, I was alone with CR, and didn't do much but watch TV. Saturday, I decided I would only make things more chaotic if I attended the Katsucon "Dead Dog" party, so I stayed out of that because I have no complaints or suggestions. Besides, I had to tutor Chance, so I did that from 12 -3

This is the second tutor moment, and it went rather well as I helped smooth out how to solve Algebra. She's taking a "pre-algebra" course lineup in her school, and I think has an okay grasp of it, but it's hard to get her to admit where she's weakest. I am successfully managing (slowly) to separate ego from mistakes, and hopefully if she remembers 10% of what I tell her to do, I think she'll do fine. She's still concealing her mistakes from me, but most of what I have seen are what most people call "dumb mistakes," like where you think 2 + 6 = 9 for some reason, even though you know that's not right. I have really tried to stress into her the reason to show your work and "check your answers" by plugging in your answer back into the original equation. For someone going on 12, she's super-smart, but also a little strung out. CR also helped as we showed her how to take different approaches to get the same answer. I also managed to get her to understand the concepts behind atmospheric pressure a little more before her brain got full.

Later, we went out with Matt and Anya. I got a gift for Chance (her birthday party is next weekend), and finally...

... FINALLY...

[dramatic pause]

... a new lawn mower!

[And the peasants rejoiced, cue the Hallelujah chorus]

I may try it out next weekend, weather permitting. A nice, Sears 6.75hp Briggs and Stratton engine with a 22" wide deck, front wheel drive, EZ Start, and a 2 year guarantee. Came highly rated. Getting it was a hassle.

The salesperson I found "couldn't help me." He led me to the salesperson who could, who was on the phone because a customer in front of him wanted a leaf blower that they were out of, and made him call all the other Sears stores around. Judging from the salesperson's exasperated manners, the people down at Sears Seven Corners were morons. And the customers were impatient. It was 9:15, and Sears would close in 15 minutes. Finally the salesguy agreed to ring me up if I got the SKU number for him. The customers were pretty mad I wanted to ring up a sale, and made this clear with some angry stares and comments about how they were there first. I got the number, used my gift card (which was apparently enough of a hassle to get an indignant gasp from the clerk), paid for the mower with my Sears card (which had the wrong customer/address assigned to it, so I had to deal with THAT), and I had to go to another place to get my mower, but to "hurry up, they may have left early." That led me to the merchandise pickup area, which thankfully was still open. They don't even have a person anymore, just a scanner where you have to scan your receipt, and then you wait by some double doors to get your stuff. At about 2:45 seconds of waiting (yes, they have a huge TV monitor that lists your wait time), a barely-English-speaking delivery guy wheeled the HUGE box that was my mower. But takayla hadn't gotten our VUE wheeled around to the pickup area yet. This made this delivery guy mad, who pointed to a sign in another area saying the car had to be ready. I told him I'd wait outside with the mower, and he said, "Okay," in the same manners one might say, "Oh, whatever, asshole..."

The mower barely fit in the VUE. A hearty second round of thanks to fuzzywhuze for helping me cram it in.

It's still in the VUE.

Today, I have to do some laundry and gather around the tax info. We're off to H&R Block today to do our taxes. I hope I don't owe TOO much, but I have some reserve money should that be the case. Wish me luck...
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