punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tax Sanctuary

This is why I don't do my own taxes: I always get stuff wrong. Especially when it comes to complicated things like cashing out stocks and whatnot. Well, thankfully, I didn't owe as much as I estimated. In fact, I got money back. So that's good.

I think with the money back, I am going to get some deck furniture, and upgrade mine and Christine's computers. Christine's is mega-busted (bad mobo), and mine has crossed over that bell curve hump and is declining rapidly.

I also went into Blockbuster's (video rental store for those readers not familiar with US chains) for the first time in years. That place is really going downhill. There was a sign that said as of Oct 2005, they were no longer honoring "no more late fees," and customers would "incur a nominal charge of 99 cents a day." I think that was more than it used to be before the "no more late fees" mistake. Anyway, I think the days of the video store rentals are limited now with Netflix, On Demand, and the like. I went there because I got a pair of gift cards there back around my birthday. I got the used copies of the new "Willy Wonka" movie, "Fantastic Four," plus new copies of a special edition of "The Princess Bride," and "Logan's Run," which used to hold the #1 slot for popular sci fi for a scant few years after "2001: A Space Odyssey" and before "Star Wars." How quickly people forgot that film! And maybe for the best (the TV series afterwards was abysmal), but it's like a snapshot in early 70s sci-fi that should be seen at least once ("Space 1999," is another good one).

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