punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Deck Saga - Part 6

Today the head worker is out sick, so there's been a delay in the finishing of the deck. But right now, there have all the stairs built, the lights put in, and pretty much all they have to do is railings, cross-beams, final finishing, inspection, and cleanup. takayla and I braved the stairs and walked up to our second story sliding glass door for the first time since... probably 2002. The stairs are rock solid. The deck has a little bounce, but that will be less so when the crossbeams and railings are put in and attached to the house.

The ledgerboard connected to the house? The previous one was held in with 5 HUGE bolts. The new one is 24 staggered bolts. The house will fall down before the deck does.

"Final finishing" will be over the next few weeks. We're replacing the downstairs sliding glass door, replacing the trim around the door as well as the trim around the guest room door. We're also replacing the soffit with the gutters and the lock on the upstairs sliding glass door. Then we'll be done.

Next party is probably a Luau party in the spring, where we'll show off our new deck.
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