punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Deck Saga - Part 7

We're at the winning stretch. Last night, we saw they were 95% done with the railings. I must say, I like the sunburst elements we paid extra for. But while we had Trex on all upper surfaces, we still need to prime, stain, and seal the railings and probably the toeboards as well. We're going to get some deck furniture later on (probably this weekend), and probably a simple bench or two, or at least something to put flowerpots on so they don't leave rings.

The lights are on and working, and without the former built-in benches, the deck seems even bigger. They still have to fill in the holes they made for the concrete supports as the stairs exit the sidewalk, but it's looking REALLY good. I see no reason why it can't be finished today.

Inspection got delayed. Apparently the guy showed up on Tuesday before anyone else showed up (7:52 am), and since no one was there to greet him, said he was "locked out," and now we have to reschedule. I hope that doesn't take too long... Once the inspection is done, they have to fix the gutters (I hear they are doing that right now), and then replace the sliding glass door downstairs (we have to wait for the door to come from the factory). There are also a few other touch-ups like replacing the gate latch, the upper sliding glass door lock, and some of the trim around the guest room door.

Everyone at Avec Construction has been skilled, clean, friendly, and fair, and I have been overall very pleased with the experience so far.
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