punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Another weekend gone...

There's no theme here. Just letting you know what I am up to.

Friday night, we all went out and celebrated St. Patty's Day. Christine dressed up for it, and looked really pretty (even with a green shamrock painted on her face). We went out with anyarm and fuzzywhuze to Bennigan's. I was so tired from work, though, I could not have a good time, so they ditched me, and I slept. They continued to have a good time, though, so I didn't feel too bad. I just wished I wasn't so tired.

Deck is done, as I explained before. We spoke with the GC today and yesterday, and found out some interesting things about our old deck. It turns out that the deck was never properly inspected. As a matter of fact, the county didn't even have a record we HAD a deck. That's really weird because when we got the house, we had no less than THREE inspectors size up the house. It's a long story, but it was an argument between us and the owner about whose inspector was full of crap (a third party had to get involved). But none of them looked up the county records for the deck. So now the county not only knows I have a deck, but it's been approved, and I have the paperwork to prove it. Nyaah.

My long, long-time friend Jim is in the hospital with heart trouble. I won't mention a whole lot about it, except that I am praying for him and Aynne, and hope it all comes out okay.

I went to Chance's 12th birthday party. EVERYONE got her a Hot Topic gift card (probably because she had a Powerpoint presentation on what she wanted, and almost all of it was Hot Topic stuff), so I felt bad we didn't really make our gift unique except for the fact we had the largest amount and gave it to her in a wooden skeleton "Dia de Los Muertos" box that Christine picked up while in Cancun. But I was pleased Chance is still wearing the key to the lockbox I gave her for Christmas. I knew she needed that...

I have always wanted a "big piece" of cat furniture for my beloved extended feline family. But most of what I saw at Petco and the like were $200 on up for the size I wanted, and I had no idea how I would get them home anyway. The fact I go through about 2 scratching posts a year didn't raise my confidence in investing something that would get all torn up. I have one downstairs, but it's so ugly and shredded, it's hidden in a corner of the rec room. The cats rarely use it. So, based on a recommendation on Ars Technica, people raved about a company called Armarkat. Cheap, sturdy, and easy to assemble. Cats love it. So I risked $120 for this model in sale, and when it arrived, I was worried about how light it was. But my worries were over nothing, the whole thing is plywood (not particle board), really sturdy with metal bolts and metal threads in the posts. The instructions were more accurate than Ikea, but in the same vein. The "faux fleece" is really durable sheepskin-esque stuff, and it is one solid-feeling piece. Wouldn't support a human, but 5 cats won't break it. The posts are sisal rope, which lasts longer than rug. Latte immediately liked it and stayed on the highest perch for a while. Cosmo liked scratching the posts. Once the cats get used to it, I am sure that it will be used a lot. I think the hammock is a flop, though. It's hard enough for a human to get into a hammock, but a cat?

But despite the deck, party, and all... I have had a miserable weekend. Over the weekend, I hurt someone's feelings pretty badly because I am a stupid jerk. I am not going to mention what happened or who it affected, but I stress to a lot of you I am not as great as you may think I am. The person accepted my apology, but I have felt so bad about it, it ruined my weekend and put me in a depressive funk. I never mean to hurt people, I just make mistakes. The fact I am so bad at lying also means I can't keep secrets, so maybe none of you should tell me any. I just end up spreading gossip unintentionally, and then getting the facts wrong. I suck.
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