punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Spring cleaning... ish

Well takayla and anyarm went to West Virginny and spent some time with takayla‘s sister Debbie. Chance is in Pennsylvania this weekend with some relatives, so there was no tutoring. This left me some time to get some spring cleaning done.

I scrubbed and bleached the shower connected to the master bedroom. It hadn’t had a good cleaning in about a year, and was looking pretty gross. There was a lot of mixed soap scum, hair dye, mildew, and the normal grunge. I thought it would be an hour job, but it turned out to take a lot longer to get the shower scrubbed down to the walls. And this made my back hurt, and my asthma hates it when I am around all that bleach (and I mean, really, who does?) so the rest of the evening I was moping around, trying not to get whatever bug CR has.

CR is sick, also, with some cold. First time he’s been this sick in a while, which is “good” in the sense he gets these colds less and less as time goes by (he used to get them about every month). The school sent him home, which may ruin the perfect attendance he’s been striving for. I hope not.

I spent a lot of time dealing with my new computer and the slow Internet (which has been up steadily for an hour now), a ton of laundry, and the thing I dread most later on: bills.
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