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Some recent photos

Todai happy... thing Todai happy... thing

So I went to eat at this place someone Anyaram knew and recommended. Todai in Fair Oaks mall. All-you-can-eat Japanese buffet for $26.95. Pagers shaped like lobsters. The food was great, but the logo was... disturbing.

"Mommy...? Why does that happy yellow man have a nipple on his head?"
Packed Metro Car Packed Metro Car

One cold day in Feb '05, I got stuck on a car that was so packed, people had to stand on seats. The Orange line was late, and by the time it got to Vienna, the car filled up. By the time it got to Rosslyn, people were on seats, standing. That was a terrible day.
Meow Berry? Meow Berry?

I saw this last night at the food store. What the heck? Sanrio is really getting out of hand. Meow berries sound like the things that stick to the butt fur of a long-haired cat if they eat too much baloney, you know what I mean?

How to rehash an old toy... How to rehash an old toy...

You have to admit, once you get over the "small ball becomes BIG ball Hobie Sphere" concept, it's pretty boring. Plus, handling the ball becomes irritating because if you pick it up wrong, it expands like a balloon net, and knocks stuff over around you. It's too tall to hang on the ceiling unless you have really high ceilings, and so it lies on your closet floor, probably slightly broken, looking like a deranged clown sea urchin.

I guess the toymakers thought the toy needed sprucing up, too, but I don't know who came up with the concept here to add DJ sound effects to it. The batteries were already dead in "demo mode" at this display, so I have no idea if it sounded cool or not.
Clipboard Clipboard

I got so bored at a meeting, I took a picture of my notes.
Shhh... sleeping! Shhh... sleeping!

Other people got bored, too, and fell asleep

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