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Links - Places to Shop

I have some odd links I'd like to share that sell you things both unusual and cool.

Are you one of those geeks who love to paw through boxes of surplus electronic junk? Then the Electronic Goldmine is for you!

I would be doing a disservice to my science geek friends if I didn't also mention American Science & Surplus.

Too lazy to build you computer from junk parts? Well, here in DC we have PC Retro, where you can get the not-so-latest and maybe not-the-greatest PCs and laptops.

Being a geek who read this far, you probably have some of those oval stickers that USED to demonstrate international snobbery ("I've bheen to Switzerland, you know... dahling, look at my cah...!"), but now mention all kinds of geek and touristy places. Well, here's a bunch of them.

And here's another warehouse full of geekwear:

You can also find out all the latest cupons, rebates, and great deals of the day at Techbargains! Caveat emptor on the rebates, though.

While looking for pictures of ugly women, I came across EBags (okay, I was joking about the women), which is a Pruse/Backpack/Suitcase mega store online.

Maybe you'd like to dressy in a cool new DisneyCorp-inspired product, but want it to match the new color of your purse you got at EBags (and put an oval white sticker on). Well, The Zazzle Disney Inkshop will let you select your logo, shirt color and size, and even where to put it. Add your own optional logo and ...presto! Custom made sorotity nightshirts!

So you have junk, a used computer, and matching laptop bag and Lilo and Stitch 3xl shirt. You are a pathetic geek loser. Might as well get a handcrafted Harry Potter wand in maple or rosewood:

Now you probably don't have ANY friends, so having insulting coasters made from photos found in garage sales won't hurt. I know, I have a few. I found these guys out of a store in Hatteras two years ago.

Happy Holidays!
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