punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Pissed off... it's the little things.

I bought a coil of 100 first class stamps from the online USPS store a few weeks ago. The rates had changed from 37 to 39 cents, and my roll of 37 cents were almost up, so the timing was good. I hate having to buy a sheet of 2 cent stamps. I got the stamps today, and guess what? They fucking sent me a roll of 37 cent stamps. They didn't change me $39 for the normal roll of first class, they only charged me $37 + $1 shipping, so I looked at my e-mail invoice, and confirmed that I bought a roll of first class stamps... $37! CRAP! They fooled me! The online store must not have made the updates when I ordered.

Crap crap crap. Now I have to buy six sheets of twenty 2-cent stamps (new roll = 5x20, plus 1 extra for the remnants of my old roll). Just great. I fucking hate sheets. They get sticky and ruined if you don't keep them in their flimsy wax parchment wrapper.
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