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The new door is in!

I am out sick today. I have been fighting a cold, and people around me have been so VERY sick that I got scared when I woke up this morning and had clogged lungs and a fever. I can't say I feel truly awful (compared to some people at work, my son last weekend, and takayla), but I knew the trek on the Metro and uphill to work would have been the end of it. I am planning to take three of the four Heare kids out this weekend (permission pending), and I don't want to be sick for that.

So I am working from home on a laptop. I was going to work from bed, but then the general contractor showed up with our new doors! The final stage of our home improvement. Apparently, they called yesterday, but my son got the message, and he didn't tell us (he did leave a note on takayla's desk, so I can't accuse him of not trying). So I had to round up all the pets, and I am working from my dining room table, and since it was a slow work day, I ended up doing the bills and figuring out how much of that equity loan I had left.

Oh well. At least I have a new deck, car, and some left over to fix takayla's computer.

The doors were finished within hours. Man, are they nice. Double-paned, double R-rated, bullet proof glass with an all metal frame.

This house is clean!
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