punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The April Fool's Prank someone pulled on me... fess up

You know I love you all, I know you do. That being said, I would like to address the prankster(s) who managed to drop off a copy of "DEV2.0" in my mailbox yesterday. Now I know it was one of you because of the following logic:

1. It arrived, first class, on April Fool's Day
2. It was addressed "Grig Larson," so it's someone I know
3. My entry on the group DEV2.0 was less than positive, so it's someone who read my blog

DEV2.0, which was founded in part Gerald V. Casale, one of the founding members (along with Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Lewis) of the original DEVO. I balked because I felt this was a white-bread washout attempt of one of my favorite bands from my childhood.

Now here's where it gets interesting. The address is from "W. Hollywood, CA," in a handwritten package, sent first class with "Santa Monica CA, Mar 29 06" cancellation date. Upon opening the CD, I found an official note which said, "For promotional use only. Sale or other transfer is prohibited, must be returned on demand of the recording company." Upon Googling the address, I found that the address did not exist, but was very close to (a few miles) to the Disney Recording Studios in Burbank. In fact, a LOT of Disney-related addresses all share the same zip code as the sender.

So. Who do I know in Hollywood? Well, Kenny, who does... special effects makeup or something there. There's also Marni, who edits scripts, but I thought she's moved. There's my dad and my uncle in San Diego, but they wouldn't do this. This is the THIRD time someone has sent me something mysterious to my home address. The first was a Bigens Ball, after I posted in my blog how I lost my old one when it rolled over something sharp. The next was a Wil Weaton clock, the one where the cartoon has him facing a guy dressed as a Klingon.

Then there's the paranoid me who thinks, "Maybe Disney, Gerald, or someone in DEV2.0 who saw my entry, and tried to soften me up." Maybe one of the kids or one of the parents of the kids in the band read my entry, got bent out of shape, and decided to send me a copy. But if so, how did they get my home address?

This scares me.

Both Missy and ninjacooter swore it wasn't them. I'm not mad; I appreciate a joke as much as anyone, and I do think this is kind of funny. I hope no one minds if I give it away to someone else, maybe to an 8-year old girl I know.

Side note: While googling for DEV2.0, I found this blurb: What’s next for DEV2.0? A limited U.S. Tour to promote the album and such and then Disney will head back to re-create the GoGos in a band called "The Po-Gos."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well... okay... I doubt much would need to be changed...
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