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My take on the whole immigrant thing

Okay, here's my stance: lay off the immigrants. Yes, I know many are here illegally. But here's a few facts some of these assholes are need to understand before they try and make this non-issue an issue (and that IS what they are good at).

  • Our country is founded on immigrants. Unless you are Native American with tribal blood in you, you are only here because your ancestors came here on a boat, and even if you ARE Native American, you did the same thing... except 35,000 years ago or so, whereas everyone else (the VAST majority) in only the last few hundred years.
  • Immigrants are what make our country great. Food, culture, ideas. Most are hard working, too. Our melting pot is increasing the chances of our continued survival by adding more variables to the mix. Einstein was an immigrant.
  • You ever see where these people come from? Nasty. You'd want to leave, too. Most come from dry, inhospitable places with governments more corrupt than our own. Where fresh drinking water is scarce, murders are commonplace, war is always threat, and everyone is pretty much in day-to-day survival mode.
  • Finding all the immigrants and deporting them is pretty much an impossibility. Remember the War on Drugs? Yeah, we lost. Why? We tried to choke the supply, which drove demand up, which fueled crime, which cost more money to eradicate, which drove demand up... a vicious cycle. Same reason Prohibition didn't work. There is no WAY we can afford the manpower and infrastructure to enforce getting rid of all immigrants. It would be like exterminating all the mosquitos in the Everglades with a fly swatter and a canoe.
  • Here's the elephant in the room NO ONE wants to admit, but this is the hard truth: illegal immigrants don't "apply" to the same laws as we do. They don't have the same protection, so, in effect, they can be paid less than minimum wage in hazardous conditions with no health benefits. Now I am not saying this is really morally ethical, then again, neither is hiring illegal immigrants. But they fulfill a role no one wants to admit: getting jobs no one wants to do cheaply under the table. Housekeepers, nannies, dishwashers, construction workers, landscapers, crop workers, and those guys that do "odd jobs" for a fraction of the time and cost a Union guy would charge. They are the lubricant of civilization. Sadly, this is a slippery slope to slave labor, because you can always threaten them with deportation. But SO many people look the other way. If we really deport all these people, we're gonna feel it. Starting with our food supply.

I am also pretty pissed off about people who are just scaredy cats about other people's culture. Guess what? In 50 years, this country will have a distinct Middle eastern and Hispanic flavor. Right now, we have a very strong Jewish, Italian, and German flavor. Before that it was Irish and Dutch. Before that is was English. Each wave of immigrants brings in better food, better people, and a hardier breeding stock. Sure, there are always waves of crime that come with some immigrants, but in 1-2 generations, their kids will be running everything. And they will complain about whatever immigrants come, too, I suppose. Nation of Islam taking over? Hardly. No more than the Catholics and Jews run everything now. Know how many Buddhists came in with the Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants? No one ever complains about them screwing up America. Oh, the Evangelical Christians WISH they ran everything, and try VERY HARD to squash their own failings in the souls of others, but that's another rant.

A recent poll showed "worried about immigration" ranked 6th in America's concerns about the next election (way below Iraq, the economy, and some other things), but you know the Republicans will make an issue out of it like they did about gay marriage. I really think that before all that election brouhaha, 90% of your average Americans didn't even THINK about gays getting married. But hell, the GOP is going to slap "terrorists" label on it like they slapped "communism" in the McCarthy Era. "An illegal immigrant could be carrying a BOMB! Or bring in dengue fever, anthrax, or the Asian bird flu! DRUGS! Think of the children!! GAAAAHHHH!!!"

GOPFUD = Grand Old Party's Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Same ol' same ol'.
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