punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More random pictures

More weird stuff I see behind the cut.

Rainbow April 3rd, 2006 Rainbow April 3rd, 2006

There was this HUGE storm that blew through our area. It dropped tornadoes, hail, lightning, and a ton of rain in about 30 minutes... and ended abruptly, leaving this beautiful rainbow.

Bored again... install time Bored again... install time

Man, I had to install Red Hat on this slow RLX server blade. Took for-EVER. I took a picture of the crash cart and part of our data center.
Square Bagels? Square Bagels?

What the hell? Did anyone NEED square bagels? What's the hole for? I think people used bagels for sandwich bread because of the taste, not the hole. "A delicious new shape of things to come..." What-EVER! Looks like you made your sandwich with two huge Cheez-Its. Who approved this? Did people complain about the round shapes? "Oh, now it won't roll off the table!"

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