punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

SETI Array Update - Team Punkadyne

Well, I finally got all the machines that can be up, up. Mink is still giving me problems with hanging for no good reason, and I think I may have to kludge herself with an auto-reboot script. I hope it's not the power supply, I hate having to replace that in such an old machine, and if I don't have a spare here... [plays taps]. Mink was my last Windows98 box in the house. I upgraded her to Kubuntu a few weeks ago, in hopes THAT would fix the hanging, but apparently the OS was not at fault.

Pippi, who was having problems returning results worthy of a P4/3.0ghz box, turned out to be a bad CPU benchmark issue that always occurred during an rsync. Also, thanks to Nagios, I was able to determine spikes in load due to Xnvc (which I have now disabled) and leaving an X session running (now disabled).

And finally, I got around to finding optimized SETI binaries. The test box, Toshiuki, was giving me the lowest results, and he has P3/800mhz clones to compare: Satsuki and Pikachu. The CPU times for these clones are about 20-30k on average per unit. Last night, after the detailed install, Toshiuki's initial results seemed to double, with CPU time down to 14k per unit. On top of that, he's already downloading more than double the results he used to.

Haku (AMD Athalon64 3700+) is already doing an impressive 6-8k per unit. The other "high end box" in our house, Avatar P4/3.0ghz, is doing only about 12-15k/unit.

And NO ONE has 'fessed up to sending me DEV2.0... [dark clouds rumble from the horizon] ... there will be... consequences... [flash in the distance]
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