punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

It's Official - Svierge i Midsommar

So, thanks to takayla, I am now heading for Sweden in June. Tickets have been made, and I will be traveling from the 21st to the 30th. All I have to do now is get the passports in order. I have the photos, the forms, and now we have to show up at the local Post Office which I will do in a few days. I can submit mine by mail (renewal), but CR has to be in person due to his age. I figure we'll both just show up. Turnaround time is 6 weeks, but I might pay for expedited service for extra insurance.

Then... we have to hope no major family disaster or illness comes our way. Last time I went to Sweden, I got a bad cold. I will be taking some echinacea and vitamins a week before and while I am there.

Itinerary depends on what Sven and Karin (my cousin and his SO, making this the THIRD Karin in my family) are doing. They mentioned it would be best if I came for Midsommar, and I left it wide open after that. Travel plans tentatively call for travel to Sundsvall, and hopefully Boden if I can squeeze it in (iffy, considering travel time and cost, even with rail).

I get to go through London's own Heathrow this time around. I haven't been there since I was like... two or something.

I am so excited! Yay! Save me space around the maypole..
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