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Tech - Wiping out your stuff in Linux vs. Windows

n00b: how do i get mor spaec on my hard driv yo?
h4xx0r: what OS yu got?
n00b: how can i tell?
h4xx0r: you got windowz or somthin?
n00h: yah. win xp.
h4xx0r: go to start > run > cmd and then do a CD c:\ and then format c:
n00b: wow, thanx!
n00b: (connection reset by peer)
h4xx0r: ha ha ha i got his ass good stuipd n00b

So some guy with a lot of time on his hands, decided to see which was more secure against such a clueless operation. Linux or Windows?


He did a format c: and an rm -rf /* and compared the results. The results were quite enlightening.
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