punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Small victories

I was pretty flippin' psyched I found my son's birth certificate (to renew his passport). You have to understand, we have lost it like 3 times since he was born. The first time, the hospital forgot to give it to us, so we had to order it from Department of Human Services in DC. Then we lost that, and had to get another one for his passport in 1996. Then we lost that one, and had to get it again, and I don't remember what for (I think some immunization records thing). Then we lost that one, but found the first one we lost. I was not looking forward to finding, or rather "not finding," and having to order it again.

I found both.

Hee! And they were right where I left them, too, which, in our house, is like expecting a $50 bill you left on the floor of a bus station to still be there a week later. I mean, I have gotten so jaded that things are never where I left them, that often that's not the first place I look. I found both full AND wallet-sized...

I have my expired passport, which is still good for renewal with minimal fuss as long as I have new pictures and the proper form. CR has his new pictures. A trip to the local agency, some $$$, some time, and we're official: countdown to Sweden begins!

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