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Random thoughts while avoding Friday blahs

When I turned 16, my parents were 47 and 45. CR will be turning 16 in July, and we'll only be 37 and 35. Man, we're ahead of the game here. By the time we're in our 40s, CR will technically be an adult. He's in class now, learning how to drive. If we get that old Saturn up and running, he'll have his own car for the summer.

Sometimes being a young parent can have odd side effects. For instance, we're often the youngest parents among CR's friends. Many of them can't relate to us, because many may have danced to disco songs at their prom. I didn't go to my prom, but I am sure many danced to hair bands. Whenever we're at a gathering, some parents and teachers are shocked that we're "so young." On top of that, most are "normal" people, what we in fandom call "mundanes," and in our Republican neighborhood, buddy, we keep our mouths shut.

JockDad: Wow he nipped the hup flag pennant football on quarterback pass play!
Punkie: [what I want to say] EEWWWW!!! SPORTS! What a waste of time. What do you see in it? GAAAAHD! Anyway, I need to get Xgl working on a KDE 3.5 window manager, and all I have is a SUSE FAQ for 10.1, and they used SUSE's own package manager. How am I supposed to get this working on Fedora and Xorg? Ugh, I don't have time to compile it all. I have to think of programming for Balticon. I wonder if I'll get to talk to Neil Gaiman and say, "Wow, you sure are Neil Gaiman. I haven't really read anything you wrote, but I like that gothy Death girl." Man, I couldn't point him out in a lineup. I have hobnobbed with famous anime guests, and I don't know who the hell they are most of the time.
Punkie: [what I say instead] Uh huh.
JockDad: Nip norp in the frooga passed the ball on the left and goalpost kneepad on the lawn HAHAHAHAAA... what... what do you think, eh?
Punkie: [thinking] I am done with you now.
Punkie: [really] I don't have an opinion on that.
JockDad: How can you not have an opinion with that? The are the Red Beltybirds! [disgust] Or are you a Rooky Roohead fan...?
Punkie: [thinking] Idiot. Well, that's not fair. Everyone has to have a hobby. I just hate elitists. Man, I hate sports. Hate jocks, too. I wonder if he's stupid or just focused? Hahaha! I wonder if I am stupid or just too foc--
Punkie: Um. I don't follow sports. I work a lot of hours, and spend time doing other stuff.
JockDad: Ah, crikey! How can you not love the Red-kneed Beltybirds?? They are hot up on the Pinnypost 4th Down League! Pigs, tractors, and lawn chairs! W00000000!


Punkie: Hi, I am here for the art sh--
Koolaid Mom: Well hel-LO there!
Punkie: [my God, the makeup... I'll have to remember this for Anya] Hi, I'd like to sign up for--
Koolaid Mom: Would YOU like tickets to the art show???
Punkie: [it's like this woman's face is a dressed up adobe brick... haha... "mom jeans" AND the knit vest] Yes, that's right.
Koolaid Mom: Well then, why don't we just ring you up?? How many, sweetie??
Punkie: [that shade of red with that shade of base makes her look like a a cross between a corpse and a mime] Sure, here's $6.00
Koolaid Mom: That's TWOOOO tickets!
Punkie: [thank God Anya doesn't have this problem. I bet this woman still has the same tube of lipstick she bought for her prom] Sure, here's $6.00.
Koolaid Mom: All-RIGHTEE!
Punkie: [this woman smells like Stepford. Haha. "Smells like Stepford Wife," Nuh nuh... naananana nuh nuh... nanana nuh nuh ...naananana nuh nuh... thumpa thumpa GRRUNGE-POP... It's real schlok! Give me a push pop, from the woman who pushes the mop! ... I drank Koolaid/and it pained us... Stepford mom has/brain-drained us! Hahahahaa... this must be what Weird Al thinks to himself. Man, I bet this woman was 25 when grunge came out] hehehehehe
Koolaid Mom: Why are you giggling, hon?
Punkie: [was that out loud? Oh no! Quick, tell her you're on Prozac] I saw your clown broach... uh... [fuck, you HATE clowns]
Koolaid Mom: Oh! [goes into 5 minute oral documentary about the history of the purchase and the other things she did that day]
Punkie: [Must... escape...! Warn... village...] Have a nice day...

Man, I am too critical in my head.
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