punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Seller's Remorse

I was looking at an old art piece of Nybor's I have. I got it from him, and he said he drew it back in 1969 or something, and it was used as part of a graphic for "Isaac Asimov Magazine." Then I felt a pang of regret...

At one of the last few FanTek art shows, I was having a "fire sale," of sorts. I hadn't done illustration in quite a long time, except for the Martians, of course. One of the pieces in my "must go" portfolio was a small alien yelling his head off in a cartoonist way. He was a classic 1950's alien with a huge head, bug eyes, antenna, and wearing a vampire-like collar. One finger in the air, screaming his fool head off at the person staring at him. I drew him in 1986, and in 2000, I really didn't think he'd sell. Especially because the matting had gone a bit cruddy. It was one of the pieces of art that had survived several floods in a former home. I put him at $35 because I figured no one would buy his faded colored pencil face. "Crazy Harry/Job Stress" was the title.

He went for $50. "My God," said the fan who had bought him, "he looks so much like my boss, I had to get him!"

Well then. I watched Crazy Harry go away in this fan's little hands, and thought...

Did you know me in 1986? My mom was still alive. Bruce had said I had made guest artist for Evecon 4, and I needed some pieces for the art show. He was only black and white then. I colored him in. When he didn't sell through several art shows up until 1990. I gave up my art when my son was born. Harry has been sitting in my portfolio; I found him in a folder marked 'Belvediere Condominiums,' a recycled folder for my smaller prints.

I thought no one would buy his small 5 x 7 portrait at $35.

I wonder where Harry is now. Who looks at his face, and what does he see?
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