punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Home again

I am home working today. takayla is really sick today, and I stayed to make sure she was okay. Her new computer system arrived today as well, to replace the dying one she's had to cope with for a few months now. I'll probably build it this weekend.

I also got a new Compact Flash card for my camera. Apparently there are more than one type of "Compact Flash Smart Card." I wish I knew which one I had because, the extra one I got doesn't fit. The only thing the old one had on it is the brand name, the mb (32) and that it's a Compact Flash Smart Card. No model number or type, so I assumed incorrectly they were all the same. Dammit.

Working from home, and it's been pretty busy. In between periods of work, I have stayed close to the laptop, cleaning the kitchen a little. I spent my lunch break trying to clean around the trash can, which hadn't been done in a while, and there were things stuck to the floor I had to scrape off. I think a little later I am going to replant the tomatoes to real pots once my day is over.
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