punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Swedish plan goes into action...

My cousin Sven and I are hammering out the details. Depending on when Karin, his SO, has work and whatnot is part of the plan on when they will be in Stockholm. The current plans have us either arrive in Stockholm and take a train up to Sundsvall, where we'll stay over the weekend, and then travel down to Stockholm after Midsummer... or we'll stay in Stockholm, meet Sven and Karin there, spend Midsummer in Stockholm, and then travel up to Sundsvall after that weekend, and travel back to Stockholm on Friday to leave back for the US.

Sadly, Norbotten, the northern Swedish part where all the rest of the relatives live, is not to be visited. There's really no time this time around. This depresses me somewhat, but I think I can do this next time I swing around. I'll have more vacation time built up by then.

I might blog while I am there. I mean, I'd like to. The last few times, I tried to keep a written journal, but that fell flat. It all depends on whether I want to bring a laptop or not. I am taking as many pictures as I remember to snap.

... maybe I'll see if Saab will fund my operations...
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