punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Swedish Itinerary

Well, we have the plans all hammered out. Here's the plan for those two weeks.

Weekend June 17/18: We get a lot of preliminary stuff done. I will be gone the weekends of our 17th wedding anniversary and Father's day is the 18th, so we're packing in celebrating a week early.

Wednesday the 21st, we'll get on a plane in Reagan (shudder) National to Newark. From Newark, we go to London. From London, we go to Stockholm.

Thursday the 22nd, exhausted and frazzled, we arrive in Stockholm in the mid afternoon. I'll meet Sven and Karin, and we'll go to my hotel that Sven reserved for us. Its very nice; simple and elegant, with TV, wireless, breakfast buffet included, and right smack in the middle of Stockholm, which I am told is almost like a ghost town during Midsummer weekend because everyone went somewhere else. Hotels are cheapest, apparently, and mostly unoccupied. Online rates seem to suggest this as well. Sven and Karin are staying at a friend's apartment a few stops away on the Tunnelbana.

Even in Sweden, I'll have to ride the Metro. Heh.

We'll "do Midsummer" there, and then take a train to Sundsvall, where we'll stay in a stuga in Indal, I think. Never been to any of those places, either, so it should be quite an adventure.

I arrive back in Stockholm to Arlanda on the 30th, and then reverse the flight directly (Stockholm - London - Newark - DC). Sometimes I have come back a different way, but not this time. I miss all the stopovers I used to have in Iceland, but Iceland air, which used to be pretty cheap in the 1990s, is now more expensive than the average by several hundred bucks a ticket.

I am so excited. It's been 5 years since I was last there. I still wish I could have made it to Norbotten, but there's only so many vacation days, and Sweden is soooooo expensive because they import a lot of their stuff.
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