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Man... I wish I could sleep

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It's like 5am, and I have been up since about 3:40 after falling asleep at around midnight. Taboo didn't come into the bedroom so his pal, Latte, aka "The Crazy Duchesss," starts meowing. Then she tries to barf on our bed, and we manage to toss her off before she does so. Then she nearly claws off my head in an attempt to jump on my pillow when she misses. Then she howls like a drunken dumped sorority girl on Spring Break for a while until I am made to throw her out. Then Storm, the crazy gray cat, thinks this is her cue to randomly meow for a while. I try to catch her, but she goes under the bed, and meows there.

This is when I have a random asthma attack. The Albuterol makes me a little hyper, and then gives me massive heartburn, so I can't lie down. My alergies just go crazy, and my sinuses decide to go into full production mode. So I am down in my den where it's little warmer and I can honk my nose without waking up my beloved.

I am so tired.
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