punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Odds and ends

I didn't do a whole lot this weekend but sleep and do some loads of laundry. I have a lot of scattered stuff to record for future posterity.

I am so tired, parts of me that are normally okay keep having breakdown issues. Muscle spasms, balance issues, stomach problems... bleah. Lack of sleep sucks.

CR's passport came in, probably 2 weeks before I actually expected it to. I am hoping mine comes in the next week, and then the only thing stopping me from Sweden is massive family tragedy or some stupid terrorist thing that grounds airlines. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I studied Stockholm some more. I got a travel book, and I have been studying the city. I am also going to try and see if I can go to Gotland, which is an island on Sweden that has a city called "Visby." Visby has relatives on my father's side, supposedly (a lot of my father's family seems to be based on anecdotal conjecture), but it also has come old castles and a big medieval market. They have one of the largest Renaissance Festivals in Europe, but that's in August :(. Imagine, a Renn Fest in a real castle as opposed to a wooden one. I am sure it's probably no different than Crownsville, but I'd like to see someday.

I stayed at stodgycat's house Sunday evening to watch their kids, who were wonderful as always. I finally got to test a Zener deck on Chance and Scarlet, which I was surprised to find they really liked. The first round was statistically perfect, 5 correct out of 25 with the 5 different symbols (plus, waves, square, circle, and star). The next round was 4 and 8, with Scarlet getting 5 correct in a row. While that's within statistical aberration, I have to wonder why the results were not scattered; by that I mean it wasn't 4 wrong, one right, it would be like 10 wrong, 4 right, 4 wrong, 3 right... in clumps. I noticed the same thing when I took the test many years ago. Out of 100 die rolls generated by computer, I was able guess 25-35 correctly... and usually with streaks of 5-6 correct ones in a row. What causes that, anyone know? I also stressed to the kids this did NOT mean they were psychic, but it was a game, and no one is sure of why this happens. Man, I should tell Chance never to touch a Ouija board though. Next lesson for both, actually, is why the "bus station to the netherworld" is full of bad things, no matter what you believe in.

In 4 days, I will have been gone from AOL for one year. Go me!
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