punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Just me and the møøses...

One of the growing minor concerns I have over my visit to Stockholm is that I really didn't take into account how closed everything would actually be during Midsummer. Now, it's not that huge of a deal, really, but here's the issue: Midsummer's Eve (Friday the 23rd) and Midsummer Day (Saturday the 24th) are national holidays, so a lot of stuff will be closed. On top of that, banks are often closed the day before a national holiday, and they are not open Sunday... so... I'd better find another way to get cash. I won't be able to browse the shops, either, since most of them will be closed. BUT... I am not really planning on buying a whole lot (how will I get it home?), so as I said, this is of minor concern, and not some disaster. I have been told most restaurants and convenience stores stay open, and my only concern after that is the hours of museums. I figure the worst that will happen is the city will become a ghost town, complete with tumbleweeds and a haunting wind as my voice echoes, "Hello??" to the empty streets like a post-apocalypse film set.

We shall see. I plan on having fun no matter what happens or is closed.
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