punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Two IT Business observations

First Observation:
Sales and marketing speaks an entirely different language than tech and programming. I wish both of them understood this. I have done both, I speak both languages, and while I can't agree on the same point with both sides every time, I feel like I have to translate a lot.

Most of S/M look upon T/P as something so beyond their expertise, we're like a machine that you push a button, and service comes out. Even the basics like connecting to the LAN via laptop needs a CAT5 cable when they don't have wireless seems "superfluous." Like if you had a maid who keeps asking you which direction to scrub the floor in, and how many cycles to use, and what brush... you'd be like, "I don't care, just wash the damn floor!" But on the T/P side, they look at S/M as a bunch of liars with constantly shifting demands who wants stuff right away. The see them as spoiled children who make up fantastic stories and then yell at you that you are unable to deliver every whim.

I have often said if sales got their way, the customer would have everything they ever wanted instantly. If tech had their way, nothing would ever change in a model of stability. Both sides have to find a compromise, of course, but often tech asks, "Why do they want that?" too often and sales asks, "why can't we do that?" too often.

Second Observation:
When the guy next to you is swearing at his computer, throwing his hands around, and pushing his chair back with an exasperated "Euunrrrghh!!!"... this is very stressful to people around him.
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