punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

"We can't stop here! This is bat country!"

Man, today has been slow at work.

I have three projects going with my boss. One he's working on and has to get back to me, another he's waiting for hardware to free up (which he's using for the first project), and the last one he can't get to until next week at the earliest. The ticket queue, which had been a flood from the end of December until just last week, is now just a bare trickle. I only have one ticket in there, it's to change the server passwords, and I have done it the last two times only to be accused of picking ones that were "too hard." So I told those clowns to do it themselves, I didn't care, and so it sits there, fermenting. The other guys can't get it because because one of them has been setting up a new PXE server and the other has been flogged by our new Vitrual Private Server line software which isn't playing nicely because, in my opinion, it's written by Cossacks.

"Re&eV6xa@WuK_" is not a hard password, is it? ;-)

Anyway, I saw on my bank statement that my check for the US Passport office cleared a few days ago, so I don't have to worry about whether my stuff got there or not. I mailed it in, but didn't know how many stamps I should have used, so I used my takayla's food scale to get 4oz, and I added 2oz to that for good measure, and used an extra stamp. So I know I probably overpaid like 50 cents, but the piece of mind was worth it. I knew if I "waited to go to the post office," that might takes weeks. I paid for "expidited service," so if CR's passport was any indication of that speed, I should get my renewed passport very soon.

Tomatoes should be ready to give away soon. I have five people who have asked so far, and they get dibs. There will probably be a few left over.

I got all of takayla's computer parts in, but I have yet to build it. I might do that this weekend. It's the same specs as the one I build for myself, but she got this massive steel Pro-gamer case. It weighs a LOT. I plan to diagnose and hopefully fix her old system, which I suspect has a bad RAM chip and possibly damaged motherboard. Then I'm bringing it to work, and replacing an old clunker (Dual PII 400 Dell Poweredge 2300) I have as "an outside box" I play with for "experminatation live on thar intarweb," a box heavy on the securty tools that I can just re-image should it get haxx0rd or whatever. This idea came to me because we have a customer with "obnoxious neon lights" on his external hard drives, and I want to top him. Unless it costs too much to fix; otherwise it's for parts.
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