punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

"You do, and you'll feel such a PINCH!"

When I was 17, shortly before my birthday, my mother suddenly said, "Let's get your ear pierced." This was a little bit of a shock because in 1986, this was not very common among males. But it was starting to be, and some of my friends said, "Haha... go for it. You're a senior." So I did. I am not sure why I did,but it would mark the last time my mother and I went out together. We went to Woolworths, I believe, and the guy behind the counter said he was piercing more males these days than he had ever seen, even in the 60s. I went behind the counter, and sat in what looked like a dentist's chair. The piercing gun was large, like the size of a hand drill. BANG!! The pain was... moderate. And later got infected, but cleared up. Then, when my mother died and I was sent to a hospital, they made me remove it. It grew shut at some point during my 3 month stay.

Years passed. I was married, raising a kid, and unemployed in late 1991. My friends Suzi and ninjacooter decided that piercing my ear again was a good idea. I agreed, and they did it with some small, cheap plastic pink thing. There was zero pain, and it felt better than the last one. I had that for 2 years, and then took it out because when I worked at Cargo, I was told this was a no-no (this later turned out to be ignored by other male employees). A week, a WEEK later... it grew shut. Dammmit! "Holy crap!" ninjacooter exclaimed, looking at it, "you can only see the dent where it was!"

Then I joined the tech industry in 1996. "I think I'll get my ear pierced again," I said to myself and a few others. In a mark of true procrastination, I didn't get around to it for TEN YEARS! It wasn't that I was avoiding it, I literally kept "getting around to it" until finally, I got reminded when had money AND time (tahnk you, takayla). Not that it cost me more than $30 for a nice gold stud last night, and it only took like 10 minutes.

Here's the funny thing; I didn't have a photo ID. Why the hell do I need a photo ID? Well they young guy behind the Piercing Pagoda said it was in case of a lawsuit because they have people who get a piercing underage and then their mom gets upset...

I'm THIRTY SEVEN! My mom is dead, and my father is gone...

I took it in stride, because takayla had to give him permission as MY WIFE because she had her photo ID (my only ID is my passport, which is out to be renewed, see...), and that was really funny to me. I don't fault the guy for being cautious, really, it was just very humorous that I had to get my wife's permission to get my ear pierced.

Now I have a nice 14k gold stud in my left ear. Barely hurt, just like a sharp pinch. Woo hoo!
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