punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Not much to stop me now

I was paranoid I wouldn't get my passport. There was no REASON, but I was paranoid anyway (I have weird luck). But it came this weekend, and I look positively awful. I was a little surprised because now they digitally scan your passport photos and print them on the passport, and while I know I am not a pleasant-looking individual, the digital prints were faded and discolored somewhat, turning my fat face into a disturbing blob of beige and tan. CR's were not much better, but he's good-looking, so that makes it a little easier to look at.

My new passport photo looks like I lost at a pudding-eating contest.

My last passport photo was taken back when I worked at Cargo Furniture. I liked that photo, because I was wearing a black dress shirt and pale blue tie. I should wear more black dress shirts. It was November of 1994, and marked the first time I would leave the country since I was a wee child. Up until the age of 2 or 3, I lived in exciting ports of call like England, Italy, Cyprus, and France. Who knows what happened to that passport; the US Passport office oddly had no record of me ever having a passport back in 1994, but that may have been because I didn't have a Social Security Number until I was 15.

No matter; legal is legal. I am glad to have passports for both me and CR. The new passports apparently have RFID or something in them. I may have to line my holder with tin foil to prevent unwanted scans. Does that even work?

I am starting to mentally map out what to bring. My current plans have me with 2 backpacks and one large suitcase. Men are lucky in the fact they can pack light, and we have been assured we will have access to laundry facilities in Sundsvall. Last time my cousin did not have fabric softener, and his washing powder left my clothes really rough and stiff, so that's on my list. Meds, books, laptop, clothes, something to do, and so on.
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