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Pussyfoot - Takayla's New System

Pussyfoot - New Computer
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So much is going on with so many people. I can't even talk about it if they haven't blogged it yet, either (they haven't mentioned, I just assumed). And what I can talk about is dull.

Last night I spent working on Christine's new computer, named Pussyfoot after the WB Cartoon. It's similar to Haku, which I made a few months ago. The pictures are in my Flickr account, which you can reach by clicking on the right. Sadly, the SATA drive I bought was DOA. Luckily, Western Digital has a pretty good warrantee and RMA policy, and takayla said she's in no hurry. I should get another drive in about a week. So I took an old IDE hard drive, and installed Linux SuSE 10.1 on it for now. Wheeee!

Today, I went out with CR, and we slummed around, ate at Popeyes, and talked. Then people came over. Which people? HAH! Wouldn't you like to know. I'll wait for them to post in their own blogs before I know what I am allowed to say. But I will say this, my heart goes off to two couples tonight. One who lost a child, and one who might have lost each other. None of these things are ever easy. I love you all. Please be okay.

Oh, and for the first time in a while, my scale stopped screaming at me. It was going "EEEEE" I guess because I weighed too much, but now it gave me a number. I didn't expect this, because with my lack of sugar intake, I have been eating more of other foods. I don't want to jinx it, and I know my scale is inaccurate at those numbers compared to the doctor's scale, but I was pretty pleased this morning.

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