punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend was pretty hectic.

As I said before CR and I went out while takayla drove ninjacooter out to see her mom, and they had a pretty good time.

Then a whole bunch of stuff happened I can't talk about. Some of it is bad news, some of it is good news, but all it is private because it involves some people who should tell their own stories in their own words. Sadly, while it impacts our family life in a significant way, I have to keep it out of my blog because it would be rude to talk about it in public. The end result is we may be having someone stay in our guest room for a while, which is a good thing. There was a time when ninjacooter stayed for a while, and that worked out to the point we kind of missed her when she left. No worries, no one died, there was no financial disaster involved, and my family is doing just fine.

On Sunday, it was Mother's Day, of course, and so I gave takayla DVDs of "Greg the Bunny - The Complete Series" and "Father of the Pride - The Complete Series," both series she liked; both were canceled. CR gave her a huge Totoro "Catbus" mirror that he made, and it's fantastic. Then we ate sushi at the Sakura Steak House, while I watched a bunch of annoying WASPs prattle like morons and drive our poor waitress, Eunice, nuts. Actual quote from angry WASP lady, "Honestly, I can't understand a WORD that China girl says." Another agreed, and mentioned that they should have "American" waiters, and keep "those people" in the kitchen. Well, fuck you, old lady. What the hell are you doing in a sushi place anyway, if you don't like the look of the staff? And Eunice speaks English well enough for MY family to understand.
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