punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Office Space

I miss having a private office. It's been nearly 2 years since I have had one.

The first office I technically shared with stodgycat starting in 2000, but he was away from his office so much in the lab, he moved to the lab and his side of the office had only a few things, like his kid's art and a few knick-knacks. Then, when he was laid off, his side of the office was vacant. The office was big, definitely meant for two people or one person and a small table/chair setting. I could close the door when I wanted to, and learn, read, or type away. It was also lockable, which was nice. I lived through the beginning of 9/11 in that office.

Then moved me to a smaller office when some new manager wanted mine. He made a big stink about it, and so I went to an office about half the size with poor circulation (that manager lasted 4 months, got laid off, and then the office held 3 people). But it was lockable, and I got to keep the nicer chair I inherited. I stayed there for another year or so until I got the UNIX job, and then they moved me into an office with three other people that was the size of my first office. It was cramped, but one guy left shortly after I started, and then the other guy, Zac, was a real nice guy. Linux/Perl guru, and I got along well with him.

Then they moved us to an office building where we inherited pods. My back was at the end of a major hallway, and I couldn't concentrate. Then we moved to some better pods in our new office complex, but it had a raised floor that was very unstable and tended to wobble and vibrate when people walked by. Also, by that time, my new boss sucked, and I was dispirited by corporate life anyway, so I left the company.

Now I have half a pod with my back to a major hallway, but since there's only 30-some-odd employees, many of whom work overnight, and half of which have their own offices or never come to see the hosting side, it's not so bad. But I can't nap here, which is what I want to do right now.


What's your workspace like? Office? Pod? Boiler room? Bedroom?
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