punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some loose ends

I have been so busy recently, a lot of crap that needed done didn't get done. Since I have been on call, I have been "stuck" (don't take that negatively) in the house, so some of the things that got done are as listed. I'd get more done, but I keep getting paged. Latest was Chinese hackers slamming our mail system. Chance stayed the night after her tutor session, and we went to her brother Keiran's birthday party this morning, but I got paged and had to leave :( Fucking hackers...

Stairwell ceiling fan finally cleaned. Dust was so thick on the blades, it was threatening to form life. I finally found my blade duster (an extendable stick with a looped brush), and cleaned it.

Mowed the front lawn. The lawn was so long, the weeds were waist-high. The back yard needs work, but maybe I can do that today? Fucking asthma prevents me from doing yard work most of the time, and our lawn looks terrible.

Scrubbed the algae off the side of the house. Actually, CR and Chance did this, but it still got done, and I am grateful that they did.

Got old laptop ready for trip to Sweden. It's in good shape. Needed Virus updates, security patches, Flickr uploader, new Mozilla, puTTY, and WinSCP. Oh, and a huge defrag.
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