punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some more on "the mark"

So, it's been a few days now, and while I don't consider this alarming, it is my first tattoo, and feel like I should mention some of the things that's going on with it. I feel all of this is normal, so I am just writing this down for later reminders.

I have been taking care of it with the anti-bacterial cream with the pain relief. The only "issue" is a slight puffiness around the ink, plus a lot of heat that leaves it feeling like a sunburn. It was neutral until yesterday, when two people in the span of an hour, rubbed my shirt across it. The worst was stodgycat's sister at Keiran's 5th birthday party, when she said hello to me, and grabbed right across my tattoo, squeezed, and rubbed my shirt sleeve into skin. I don't hold this against her, because how would she know? Anyway, the tattoo hasn't recovered from that very well, but I was able to sleep on it with no real issue. I figure my body, unsurprisingly, is trying to reject the ink. "Oh NOES!!1!" it's probably going, "foreign body!!1!" Yeah, well, there you have it, I have intentionally injected ink deep under the skin.

My lovely takayla (she has two tattoos already) said there will also be some peeling in my future. Today is when I am supposed to switch from antibiotic cream to cocoa butter, which anyarm has loaned me. Now I will smell like cake.
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