punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Why I am sleepy

11:00pm - My legs cramp, I take painkillers
11:45pm - I finally fall asleep after staring at the dark, thinking about how much I hate myself for the things I never get done
03:00am - Legs cramps so bad, I kick Taboo, who was sleeping on my legs. Taboo, naturally, thinks he must save the bed from the "angry gohpers" that taunt him.
03:15am - GRRRR!!! Latte steps on Widget.
05:00am - scrrt scrrt scrrt... scrrt scrrt scrrt...
05:05am - scrrt scrrt scrrt... Some cat is going nuts with the cat box
05:10am - scrrt scrrt scrrt... I chase unknown cat away from obsessive cat box scraping
05:15am - scrrt scrrt scrrt... The cat returns
05:20am - scrrt scrrt scrrt... scrrt scrrt scrrt... I chase cat away, go to bathroom
05:25am - MEOOWWW MEOOOWWW THUD THUD MEOOOW ... Cosmo wants in (he launches himself at the door)
05:35am - Meeeeoooww meeeaAAAaameeeow meeeEEAOOW!! Cosmo and Taboo are play fighting, I yell at them to stop.
05:40am - WeeAAAAeeeAAAAmeeeOOOwww! Cosmo and Latte are play fighting. I throw Cosmo and Taboo out, Latte hides under bed
05:45am - MEOOOW! MEOOWW!! Latte is now lonely for Cosmo/Taboo. I throw HER out.
05:55am - GRRRRR!!!! Someone opened the door, Latte gets in, steps on my eye, then steps on Widget who gets mad
05:58am - MEEOOOW!!! Storm is upset about something.
06:07am - Alarm goes off, decide to set for 10 more mintes.
06:10am - BEEP Bzzzzzz... pager goes off. Fucking cruise ship travel site crashed again.

I gave up, I took a quick shower, got dressed, and logged on to work.
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