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Link - Mysterious goings on at the polls...

Now... this is interesting.


"Multiple teams working with [Michael] Moore covered various US cities, shooting documentary footage of conditions at polling sites and keeping an eye/lens out for voting irregularities or harrasment incidents."

Some of the incidents were described, and they are weird. I say weird because who knows what this means?

Sometime around noon, eight white people showed up, claiming to be GOP operatives but refusing to show any ID. They said they were there to see the Republican challenger, but no one knew who they were referring to. Several of them came into the polling station and set up shop looking at people's documents and making notes in clipboards. When a couple of them came outside and someone asked them what they were doing, they said they were just delivering sandwiches, and that they had to go. But the same dark blue PT Cruiser had been seen driving around several different polling stations.

Now, before we get into hackles about a Republican conspiracy, this smacks of one of those, "Was always going on, this is the first time someone filmed it." Like how often an employee picks his nose in the security camera tapes, or "Hey, all this time, a crow was stealing stuff from the vending machine!" I don't claim to know what this means. But I can't wait to see the film collection when it comes out.
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