punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Camera vs Stockholm

In three weeks, I'll be celebrating Midsummer in Schtok-hulm. I got plane tickets, passports, hotel, and plans. I have a laptop ready but my digital camera is acting flaky.

I took about 25 pictures at Balticon. I know because my SmartMedia card stores about 40 pictures at the resolution I choose, and the count said I had 15 left. When I got home, I saw only 8 pictures, and from the same time span on Saturday, more or less. I was a bit miffed because I took some pictures of some lovely Emo and Goth people, a few Klingons, and a few I took of the audience and panelists during my panels. The extra ones in my Flickr account come from Christine's new digital camera. On top of that, a few photos that did survive were motion blurred, and I know why that happens: my camera is too damn slow (the batteries need replacing soon).

So I am torn between getting a new camera or diagnosing and fixing (if I can) this old one. I really don't want to buy a new one because I am a cheap bastard and I don't want to throw away my old one (which is only 4 years old, I mean, come on), thus adding to my shame as someone who just discards old hardware like a disposable razor and adding pollution to the landfill. Then again, I don't want to go to Sweden, think I am taking pictures, and end up with half of or none of them. That would totally suck.

Pros in Getting a New Camera:
- Hell, new camera!
- Better memory and speed
- Better trust that it works

Cons in Getting a New Camera:
- Paying for it
- Dumping old camera makes me feel guilty
- Re-learning how to use new camera
- Most have rechargeable batteries now, and I'll have to hope it works with the travel adapter I got (sometimes, electronics act "funny" with adapters, like battery chargers or hair dryers).

Meh. I'll think of something.
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