punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Bad net day

$@#!&**#@!! COX Cable Internet is flaky again. It ran fine after I yelled at them for a few weeks, and now it's got intermittent problems. This fucking sucks, because I had to do work from home this morning, and it failed because the cable gave out halfway through the login, and the work VPN is very fussy about that. I couldn't even IM anyone because the Internet was down. My phone didn't work because it's part of the cable, so I had to call on my cell to call it all off, and now the customer is mad, the problem has gotten worse, and I look like a damn fool.

I was so violently angry about it this morning, it affected everything else I did. I have never had as many problems with any utility as much as COX. Our cable has been flaky since the day we moved in, and every time a tech comes out, there's always something else they break in my house. Here's the damage COX has done to "fix" my cable in the past:

- Drilled several holes and never filled them or used them to run cable
- Killed the phone wiring to the left side of my house
- Disabled two electrical outlets in the same wall
- Tore up my attic insulation and didn't put it back
- Dug up part of my yard to lay cable to "fix something;" it didn't
- Pulled apart the plastic green dome in my back yard, never put it back together
- Pulled apart my cable junction box, which is still in pieces behind a bush near a leaky faucet

Almost every time, they send some non-English speaking goon. Sometimes they send 2-3 guys, and one of them is the translator for the other two. Many times the English-speaking one speaks badly about the other guys to us, which isn't very professional, and just underlines the theory that they send out stupid people who don't do a good job, barely know what to do, and probably don't give a crap. These people have come out about 10 times in the last 5 years, and I am terrified about having anyone come out at this point. Last time they tried to "fix our phone," they had to call out 5 trucks. Our house looked like a disaster scene with all the COX trucks, and they STILL did not fix the phone system completely.

I can't even get mail and have to use the Internet connection at work. I am thinking horribly violent things right now at COX. I could go to Verizon FIOS, fiber Internet? But I may be trading one evil with another...
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