punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Bad mood

I don't know when I can post this because COX Internet is still shitty. According to Nagios (a program which tests my connection in 1 minute increments), COX is up about 75% of the time, half of which sustains high packet loss, and the other 25% when it is completely out occurs during "peak" periods, which is when everyone else is on the Internet. It seems to work GREAT from about 1am-6am, for example, and then goes down until 9am, is up at 2pm, and then the quality goes down until 8pm, when it's out again. The times vary, but it

"PING WARNING - Packet loss = 80%, RTA = 8.19 ms" is the current warning. :(

I really could have used the Internet Friday because I got violently ill. I am still very sick. I have some kind of stomach problem which started Thursday night, but I thought, "Eh... I am just out of sorts." Friday morning, I felt terrible, but I thought I'd go to work anyway because I felt it was not contagious, but due to the fact Metro does not have public bathrooms, when I got on the train in Vienna, let's just say this became a pressing issue with an hour-long commute ahead of me. So I turned around, and went back home, which due to traffic, left me in a lot of pain when I got home. "I'll work from home," I said, and #@!#%$#! COX was down again. This is fucking up my wife's ability to work from home as well as my own. So I had to call in a sick day, which I hate to do, because I only get 5 a year, and I hate to call in sick due to the fact... my tummy hurts. I would have gone in if there were bathrooms in the Metro, let's just keep this far enouugh away from TMI and leave it at that.

I couldn't do much housework because of the cramps, so I just slept pretty much all day. I slept when I got home until about 11am, then slept again from about 5-11pm, and then slept from about midnight to 8am Saturday morning. As I type this, I am still groggy and my stomach is all sorts of sick. I am in a super-bad mood.

Might as well do bills.

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