punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I was a dick today

I hate being the bad guy. It weighs on my soul and drags me down heavily. It makes my brain ache, and my stomach turns sour. My stomach is already cramping from whatever I have, and calling COX did not help. I got so angry, so seething, I felt compelled to call them yet again. This time, because it was the weekend, they only had an automated tech system who said (no shit) it couldn't get to my modem. Then it tried to forward me to a tech, which led to a recording that operating hours are 9-8pm, Monday-Fri. I called customer service, and got a tech anyway (??) and a very nice guy took about 20 minutes of his time to end up with, "I can't get to your modem." I didn't give him hell, because he was nice, not snippy, and was calm the whole time. I almost blew up at him, and I was not a nice person, but he didn't hinge on that like a few techs did; "If you don't calm down, I'll make sure you never have Internet again, sir," comes to mind from a call about a year ago.

After a rant about sending Ethiopians who don't speak English who ruined the side of my house and attic insulation, COX gave me a month's worth of credit back, but again, wanted to send a tech out. Dude, I have had so many techs out here, and ... well, you guys know. I told them I'd call back when we can have someone over, and threatened to have a film crew. Internet came back up on its own around noon, went down again around 1. It's down as I type this, but the graphs show I may have a 2-5 min window here and there that I can post this.

My stomach is in a lot of pain, and I am having bathroom issues, but no nausea since yesterday. I don't have a high fever, and I don't feel "achey," so I don't know what's going on.

Some good news; I may have takayla's anniversary present on time after all. Since she reads this blog, I can't go into it, but the roller coaster of "I will have it/I won't have it/I won't have it on time," seems to be in the "I will have it on time..." for now.
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