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I am not at all well. While I am better than I was Friday, I am sore and weak. I think I might have had a stomach virus or mild food poisoning. I don't think I am sick anymore, I just think I am worn out. I noticed I lost almost 5 pounds as well.

I tried to do some backlogged housework, like bills. I got the bills done for the most part, balanced my checkbook, and did some planning for vacation. I also ordered pet food, postage (the correct amount this time), and takayla did a food order. I swept the new deck because leaves just started piling up.

Speaking of leaves, there's a spot next to my deck where two holly bushes grow and tons of leave accumulate. In between the bushes is my main AC unit for the house, which was stupidly put right in front of the outdoor spigot, so you have to lean over the damn thing to get at the hose, and in the summer, that unit gets too hot to touch. I hadn't cleaned out the leaves there in about 2 years, and it was getting ankle deep. It's probably some kind of vortex that collects crap because I found a lot of assorted trash as well. It's super-hard to rake things out from back there because all the COX cable stuff is a tangled knot, with wires laying all over the ground. I had to use the blower to clear some areas I was afraid to rake. I think I'll put down some cypress mulch there now that I cleared the area.

I tried to plant tomatoes, because they are really ready, but the soil had gotten so hard and compacted that I was unable to clear it out before my sore stomach just couldn't take any more work. I realized I have gotten to the point I cannot take care of my house or yard anymore because I lack time and strength. CR really helped me with the soil breaking, but I was now too tired to plant anything. Besides, the whole garden was overrun by ants and what looked like small underground spiders (8 legs, tan-colored). I have to get some kind of tomato-friendly ant killer and new top soil.

I won't have time today. Not just because of the rain, but after work, I have a babysitting job taking care of the Heare kids for a few hours. The three younger ones. This will be pretty challenging because the eldest (who is kind of a control freak and tends to take over before I have to) is going out with her mother, which is why the need the babysitting. The kids will be aged 8, 5, and 1. The 8 year old I am not too worried about, she's cool. The 1 year old will probably be pretty straightforward as well, although he'll occupy nearly 100% of my time because he's walking and will instantly go to the stairs to fall down them, I can see it now: with a wet fork in the electrical sockets and on fire, drinking bleach. It's the 5 year old I worry about. Alone, no sweat. With the other two, this might be a challenge, but I raised CR with ADHD, and the 5 year old is a lot less active than CR ever was.
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