punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Still dizzy

I "lost" another three pounds this morning. I am sure I'll get it back when I start eating normally again, and I am not entirely trusting my bathroom scale anyway (what it weighs and what the doctor weighs are often different, sometimes within 10 pounds of difference). But I know I lost some more weight, and I am still weak and dizzy. Another "problem" is the fact I do not feel hunger, so since I was 12, I equate dizziness with "should eat"... but other things cause dizziness, too, and when some stomach thing happens, I start to ignore the dizzy feeling and then I don't eat and the cycle ends up either with my bingeing or starving.

The Heare children last night were... children. I mean, seriously, they are very well behaved, and as long as you don't take what small children do personally, I think you're okay. The only real problem was bedtime, which I can't criticize because *I* have a problem with bedtime myself, so I can sympathize. One thing I like very much about those kids is reading at bedtime, because CR never sat still, and I could never read to him. He'd get so over stimulated someone was in his room, he'd jump up and run around, and he was so tired but didn't know it, he'd become very crabby. It was impossible to read him anything. Such is the sadness that ADHD parents have to endure. But the Heare kids are like normal kids, and they will sit and listen when you read to them.

I was glad I was with it enough to keep tabs on them, although towards the end, I was so dizzy, I could feel my fingertips and toes buzzing and I felt very cold. Scarlet was helpful in Chance's absence, and something tells me she'll end up a doctor or something like that. Scarlet has a deep kindness that I also see in my own son, but I think Scarlet has more patience.

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