punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I now have a cold

I have been taking Pepsid Complete twice a day now, and I feel a LOT better. I had massive heartburn on a scale I am not used to, but this helped my apatite recover, and now I am not so weak.

But then I got a cold.

How the fuck did I get a cold? It's not like "major death flu" or anything, just raw throat, runny nose, light fever, and a slight cough. Well, I try to say, "better BEFORE Sweden than during," which is what happened last time. Viking germs invaded, and while I was mobile, it really dampened my experience and sapped my energy. The upside to that was I found Echinacea. Which I started taking again this morning, but thedreamymoon's voice is in my head, warning me my mass-market pills are not regulated or very potent. Well, it's all I've got, voice in my head!

I also found out my travel adapter does not provide any grounding or voltage conversion. Um... so what good is it?
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