punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

HA HA!! I am using teh Intarnet!!1!

So it was almost 9am, and I am still sick, and my cold had gone to my lungs. This is not "oh no, doom!" because this has happened a few times now and cleared up on its own. But it's annoying. I had to let the dog out on the deck, and it felt really nice outside, even though a Mac truck was rumbling in the alley and I felt like coughing up butter.

So I got my "new" wireless laptop and went outside. I was pleased to see 40% strength out on the new deck. So I am on the web in my jammies out on the deck. I know it will be like 94 deg F later today, but right now, it's kind of nice. The laptop is a smoking (literally) 3.0ghz Inspiron 5160 which I installed Ubuntu. It's on loan from takayla's work because it has some problems. One of them is that the laptop fan doesn't work, so one side of the laptop gets REALLY hot. After a while, it smells funny as something in it burns. She's supposed to get it fixed, but let me borrow it until Dell fixes it. It needed Windows wiped anyway because a former owner, since fired, installed some porn trojan on it and Windows hadn't acted right since then.

But shortly after I posted this, the wireless card went caput, and I couldn't see the screen anymore due to the sun. Why does the sun make LCD/CRT screens unreadable?
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