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Beware of Quantum Ducks - Quark quark quark!

Well, let's see how this weekend went. It was pretty chaotic, and I was sick through half of it.

I went to work Friday, but when I got home, I felt like I dollar-store D battery, and I was all tired and worn out. So I slept late Saturday. Meanwhile, takayla and anyarm went to go pick up Debbie, takayla's eldest sister, whom she is taking to Las Vegas next week. Debbie lives in some dying part of Maryland that time forgot. Well, it's not like in the stone age, I mean they have cable and cell phones, but it's a mountain town where the average age is over 50, and the few young people that live there are more likely than not socially and economically depressed. There are a lot of abandoned houses, for instance.

Debbie is on oxygen due to advanced lung problems brought on by the bad air and water up there. There's some sort of paper mill, I think it's WestVACo, and they didn't start cleaning up their act until the early 1970s, and a LOT of people who lived there back then have had medical problems all their lives. takayla has some, and part of CR's issues are mirrored by other kids whose mothers grew up there. Almost all the kids born in that area have ADHD and asthma, for instance, and some of Debbie's grandkids had lead poisoning. It's just bad.

As I speak, takayla's really sick. She got the same cold I had, and CR had before me. She didn't get a chance to "rest up" like I did, and so she called in sick today because she's coughing, can barely breathe, and has chest pains; all symptoms I had back on Thursday. I should have stayed home to take care of her, but I took enough sick days already at work, and I had to come in today to "hand off" all my projects for the next two weeks since CR and I will be in Sweden.

Father's day, I went to the mall, and got some basics for travel: an inflatable neck pillow, a power adapter with transformer, travel alarm clock, new underwear, a new pair of jeans, batteries, toothbrushes, and so on. I also ate the first sugary, non-diet candy I have had since I went off sugar: Twix. I got shaky at the mall, and I took it so I'd stop, and while it did stop the shakes, it made me feel funny in a bad way. Bleah.

CR also gets a Sony PSP for 100% perfect attendance. Kind of a cute little thing, and he's going to use it for entertainment value in Sweden. We're also bringing the GameBoy SP so I can play Pokemon again. The PSP also gave me an opportunity to hook it up to my secured wireless network, so I learned a lot about how it sets up the network and whatnot. It's weird browsing the web on a screen about the size of a playing card.

I have to call my credit card companies and bank to make sure they don't think my accounts got hacked if I spend any money in Sweden.
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